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Lead Specialist: Resource Efficiency and Business Engagement

Date: 02-Jan-2021

Location: Johannesburg GAU ZA, ZA

Company: Liberty Group Limited


Responsible for the overall group resource efficiency strategy and targets and developing and implementing a comprehensive program of projects to ensure achievement .

Minimum Experience

5 - 8 years experience in a similar environment, of which 2 - 3 years at specialist level

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor`s Degrees and Advanced Diplomas [Level TBA: Pre-2009 was L6] in Environmental Sciences

Additional Minimum Qualifications



  • Determine resource allocation priorities and deployment necessary to support the effective integration of processes and development of practice/s.
  • Advise on the alignment and application of area specific practices and integrated processes across functional areas to ensure value chain integrity.
  • Develop appropriate solutions to identified losses and risk exposures and ensure the effective implementation thereof.
  • Develop audit reports that provide management with independent assurance that risks, controls and governance are appropriately addressed.
  • Advise on the effective management of physical work environment space/s to ensure the optimal utilisation thereof in compliance with policies.
  • Keep abreast of changes and new legislation and developments within industries that may affect area of specialisation.
  • Accountable for contributing to strategy enablement and implementation and delivery optimisation across an internal value chain, through best practice development and implementation.
  • Draw on own technical and/or professional knowledge and experience to proactively develop alternatives and identify optimal best practice solutions for tactical problems.
  • Plan to deliver work outputs related to a service or operational area, Manages interdependent functional activities, and directs best-practice priorities, standards and procedures to ensure efficiency within area of specialisation.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the delivery of the projects within GRES and providing feedback to the Divisional Executive.
  • Develop and provide management information pertaining to the GRES division regarding HR and Financial issues, Resource and assets, performance, lists, inventory classification, monthly, survey reports as well as commitments.
  • Identify business needs and ensure that GRES is able to meet these needs through the provision of services.
  • Evaluate GRES project objectives and analyses the feasibility of new business initiatives.
  • Develop comprehensive roadmap in alignment with overall corporate resource efficiency and environmental strategy and targets.
  • Drive delivery of resource efficiency targets and environmental sustainability through a programmatic approach to project development and implementation.
  • Conduct research and development to ensure that best practice is adopted in project delivery, implementation and ongoing management of resource efficiency and environmental sustainability initiatives.
  • Determine resource requirements, priorities and deployment needed to effectively deliver on resource efficiency strategy and targets.
  • Responsible For GRES Business Engagement Plan and Execution, Business Survey and Business Partner NPS evaluation to ensure that GRES evolves to effectively operate as a trusted adviser to the organisation.


  • Provide authoritative, specialist expertise and advice to internal/external customers, that builds strong relationships and creates a favourable impression aligned to Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF) principles.
  • Develop and implement communications plan for all streams within the GRES division, including sourcing information and writing the communications to be sent to Group Communications.
  • Provides solutions and feedback for all general enquires that are directed to GRES, including liaising with internal GRES divisions and GRES service providers.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key GRES stakeholders.
  • Measure client satisfaction and ensure that client requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.
  • Communicate and understand concerns related to GRES alignment with business and work with functional experts to understand new business trends and forecast future requirements.
  • Provide a single point of coordination for all business requests.


  • Monitor and enforce effective financial control, governance and compliance throughout area of specialisation.
  • Implement and monitor financial controls, management of costs and corporate governance throughout the area of specialisation.

Learning and Growth

  • .Positively drive change by providing mechanisms and support to implement major changes in area of speciality.
  • Contribute positively to human capability improvement, related to knowledge optimisation and associated with area of specialisation.


  • Develop and/or align governance and compliance policies for own practice and/or tactical area to identify and manage risk exposure liability related to the area of specialisation.


Liberty Values

    Technical Competencies

    • Research and Information Gathering (Proficient)
    • Building a business case (Proficient)
    • Occupational Health and Safety (Advanced)
    • Programme And Project Management (Proficient)

    Behavioural Competencies

    • People Management and Empowerment (Proficient)
    • Relationship Management and Networking (Proficient)
    • Strategic Thinking (Proficient)
    • Problem Solving and Analysis (Proficient)
    • Leading Change (Proficient)
    • Professional/Technical learning (Proficient)

    Job Segment: Relationship Manager, Project Manager, Customer Service, Technology